Ask The Martin County Commissioners To Turn Down The Settlement For Brightline AKA Virgin

The FLORIDA PASSENGER RAIL SYSTEM STUDY has been released - 500 ton 110 mile-per-hour high-speed rail and 15,000 ton 30 to 45 mile-per-hour freight trains cannot be mixed safely on the Treasure Coast. You know this. We know it.  And, Brightline and Florida East Coast know it. So do state and federal congress people and railroad officials know it.

This is a very unstable plan:

  1. There are not enough sidings
  2. The size and right-of-way of sidings has to be determined
  3. The second set of tracks will have to be installed - laying another 110 miles of track will be very costly
  4. There is no regulatory oversight of rail operation plans
  5. There are no sealed corridors
  6. Brightline is privately held and they want public funding for this project.

What is to like about this project?

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