All Aboard Florida's Use of Old Rail Beds

All Aboard Florida FEC tracks are definitely NOT designed for 110 MPH Trains.  This is railroad NOT done right.


Straight lines are necessary for HSR. On the Florida east coast the tracks are not straight and linear- they wander with lots of bends and weaves. The Federal Report* states, “To make very high speed operation possible, rail track must be substantially and straight, with shallow curves.” Curves and turns increase the possibility of derailment.

In Santiago, Spain, a high-speed rail was derailed due to higher than suggested speeds along a turn, but the damage was controlled because of safety barriers. ( Unlike All Aboard Florida's plan, that train had safety walls in a below grade corridor along its sharp turn. If the crash had occurred along one of Dixie Highways curves, both passengers and pedestrians, houses, diners, and boutiques would have been destroyed due to the lack of safety measures and modern road beds.

All Aboard Florida plans to ram high speed trains through populated towns and residential areas with “at grade” crossings and existing roadbeds that were designed for something entirely different. They love to compare their proposed service to European high speed rail but fail to mention that European trains run on a more modern infrastructure..... and not through congested towns without the grade separation that you have in Europe.