May 2014

Letter from of from Alice Johnson Vero Beach

Alice Johnson, Vero Beach - May 26 2014

More reasons why it will fail

Based on the research I’ve done, there are only two profitable highspeed trains in the world, the TGV between Paris and Lyon, and the Shinkansen between Tokyo and Osaka. A comparison between All Aboard Florida and these routes shows why AAF will fail financially.

All Aboard Florida trains to cause massive traffic jams? A look at the facts & the citizens' response - Bob Lawry

Citizens tear apart Bob Lawry's seemingly reasonable article in the TC Palm May 22 - see responses at the end of this article.

Opponents of the proposed All Aboard Florida high-speed train service between Miami and Orlando claim that more frequent trains along the Florida East Coast Railway will cause major traffic tie-ups at crossings all along the line.

But is this true? Let’s look at facts about AAF train operations.

Jupiter Island opposes All Aboard Florida project

By Kim Miller of The Palm Beach Post - full story here

The Town of Jupiter Island is adding its voice to the rising opposition of All Aboard Florida’s express passenger rail service, saying the plan will impede emergency vehicles, increase noise pollution, reduce property values and cause safety risks to nearby schools.

Analysis: All Aboard Florida economic impact study only half the story

By Arnie Rosenberg Posted May 21, 2014 Arnie weighs in with a balance pro and con on the real economic impact. More on the story at the TC Palm.

On the surface, a project touting a $387 million economic benefit to the region couldn’t be a bad thing. Except, of course, if it’s All Aboard Florida.

Economic needs and goals of Orlando, Miami different than those of Treasure Coast -with regard to All Aboard Florida- Bob Solari

Bob Solari provided the pros and cons regarding the varying economic needs of cities along the route of the proposed All Aboard Florida High Speed trains in the TC Palm May 23 2014

There are three tensions that help explain why the Fortress Investment Group, LLC, a $61 billion private equity firm — the ultimate parent of the All Aboard Florida high-speed rail project — believes that AAF is good and why the residents of the Treasure Coast do not.