What the Citizens Against The Train Say About Rick's Scott Support of AAF

Publish Date: 
Sunday, June 8, 2014 - 2:45pm

I am a Treasure Coast resident. You all down in Miami don't know what kind of long-term damage this is going to do up here. We don't need it - no passenger service will ever be sustainable on its own. They all require subsidies. Into the future, this one will as well. Also, why is AAF starting work on the rails up here when the Federal Railroad Administration has not even released the Draft Environmental Impact Study? We haven't even gone to the "meetings" for public comment to the FRA before the Final Environmental Impact Study is to be released in 2 years. That's right. AAF is jumping the gun. We've informed FRA of AAF's defiance for following legal practices.

How is a train noisily ripping through our towns, at our expense, causing inconvenience while not providing any benefit to our communities a "Treasure"?

Name ONE "treasure" that is going to come to the Treasure Coast through AAF. But, before you do that, you must know some facts. 1) No stops are planned for any county north of West Palm Beach, which includes Martin, St Lucie, Indian River, Brevard Counties; 2) No jobs are being created in the area by AAF; 3) there will be no influx of tourists along these counties, because there are no stops; 4) we will pay for the road grade crossings, without the benefit of funds by AAF; and 5) our marine industry will suffer with the bridge closures. Our Marine Industry up here is our life blood. Tell me again what "treasure" could befall the Treasure Coast and the Space Coast with AAF running through here at 110 to 120 MPH?

South Florida shouldn't be for this project either. It is a scam designed to put a double track in place under the guise of being a passenger train, built at public expense for a private company, and then used for the added freight caused by a deeper port in Miami and a widened Panama Canal. Connect the dots. This project doesn't make sense otherwise.