Thomas Campenni Speaks Against All Aboard Florida

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 6:30am

Says Thomas Campemmi:

Now, a railroad that we are told can do just about whatever it wants because of rights granted and laws promulgated in the 19th century. Never mind that entire counties, peoples and cities have happened in the intervening years. We are told we must accept our fate and be quiet. These are property rights and they are sacrosanct. What about the impact to OUR properties?

We are not the same place we were the last time passenger trains were on those tracks 50 years ago.  Stuart, Fort Pierce and Vero were very small places. There were no interstate highways. Communities like Loblolly and Mariner Sands were not in existence. The entire world has changed. A corporation cannot expect to claim rights granted on and for another time which will destroy our time.

They want us to just shut up and move over. What’s more, FECI wants to do it with our tax dollars. Governor Scott is giving away our land and the loans are coming from our federal taxes. Is there any bigger insult than to ruin our waters and our towns with the very tax dollars that we pay?