Publish Date: 
Monday, February 5, 2018 - 8:30am


Tell us again, Brightline proponents, why Indian River, Martin and St. Lucie counties should support this project, says Campbell.

With a train traveling at 110 mph and 300 yards away, residents have less than 6 seconds to get out of the way, says Cambell. Yes, Brightline can blame the residents for being on the track, but no other rail line in world travels these speeds on hundreds of at-grade crossings. Well designed high-speed trains go underground at intersections, have fences protecting local residents and overhead pedestrian crossings.

Campbell says, "the sheer madness of running fast trains at grade level in the absence of adequate public safeguards is breathtaking. There have been four Brightline fatalities since the passenger railroad began test runs this past summer."

Why the high speeds on the Treasure Coast? Brightline officials have said the passenger trains will need to get from Miami to Orlando, and vice versa, within three hours and fifteen minutes for the project to be financially viable.

So, once again, the burden will fall to our region to help make this happen. The time the trains lose south of here will be made up by traveling up to 110 mph in our three-county area.

Rich Campbell at his finest - Read the rest of his article here at TC Palm