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Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - 10:15am

Mike Magnoli -

Protesters in several south Florida towns sounded off about a controversial proposal to move chemicals by rail Saturday. They say these trains put the environment and lives in danger.

"This is a combine - this entire process is a combine between the railroad interest and the political interests."

Len Sucsy (VP of CATT/Guardians of Martin County) was one in an army of 1,000 today spanning five counties. They are anti-train demonstrators calling themselves "CAT" - Citizens Against the Train.

They're waiting as Florida East Coast rail-way is waiting on word from the federal government about transporting liquefied natural gas through Florida.

The Martin County fire department conducted a study and found LNG accidents could be catastrophic.

"There is a veil of secrecy. We have people out and they can express themselves, they have no way to express themselves except in this manner."

LNG tanks can also be transported on trucks and boats.

But it's not just chemical concerns, many residents in the movement think that high-speed passenger trains are too fast, too risky.

The organization All Aboard Florida is trying to raise money and political support for bringing high-speed passenger trains to the area.

"We're for the trains.. we want to send them west but not LNG, not high-speed trains through our towns."

The group says more protests are coming.

CBS12's Mike Magnoli spoke to executives from Florida East Coast rail back in December. They said they would let towns know if a train has LNG on-board, but that is a courtesy, not a legal obligation.