More stalled traffic at major intersections

All Aboard Florida Stalling Traffic at Local Intersections

When residents from Miami to West Palm Beach realize what 32 more railroad closings (16 runs both ways) per day will do to traffic around Dixie Highway, they will be appalled. There are approximately 30 road crossings of the FEC tracks in Martin County alone, 28 of which are in moderately dense urbanized areas. In 2012 there were over 4,800 peak hourly crossings of traffic at Jensen Beach Blvd., Confusion Corner, Monterey Road, Salerno Road, and Bridge Road. Multiply this times the entire train route along Florida's East Coast. All Aboard Florida's paper calculations on train induced delays do not add up: the train would have to slow down going through several downtown areas because of sharp turns, which is where most of the traffic is.  But let's not quibble about the math - the result is clearly.....more traffic congestion!