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Tuesday, January 2, 2018 - 11:15am

ADF INTERNATIONAL, THE STEEL CONTRACTOR ON BRIGHTLINE'S DOWNTOWN MIAMI STATION, CLAIMS ALL ABOARD FLORIDA AND MORE OWE ADF $25.8 MILLION FOR EXTRA WORK BLAMED ON ON-SITE ISSUES AND INCOMPLETE AND FAULTY PLANS THAT DIDN'T COMPLY WITH STATE REGULATIONS. ADF International was hired in 2016 by Suffolk Construction Co. Inc. to work on Brightline's private passenger rail station and one of the office buildings in the complex, according to signed agreements.

ADF International claims the construction plans had errors and omissions, didn't comply with the Florida Building Code and American Institute of Stell Construction's Cod of Standard Practice, and the plans were conflicting and misleading. It was also reported that Suffolk Construction did not provide the crawler cranes ADF International requested, and a tower crane was used instead. Also, services on the public transit lines were not coordinated with private construction to allow ADF International to do its work.

When ADF International spotted errors in the plans, it told Suffolk Construction, attorney Sobel said.

“They authorize us to do it, we do it, and it’s just given rise to all these additional costs that we haven’t been able to get anybody to pay attention to,” Sobel said. “We would get responses on what the problem was and what they thought of our proposed solution. But when there was a cost attached to that problem and proposed solution, we wouldn’t get any response on the request to be paid. They would make sure the construction didn’t stop, but they would do that without making sure we got paid for the additional costs.”

ADF International is also suing Federal Insurance Co., The fidelity and Deposit Co. of Maryland, Liberty Mutal Insurance and Zurich American Insurance Co., which issued bonds to secure construction payments, Sobel said.

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