Publish Date: 
Friday, August 12, 2016 - 9:45am

Comments to the TCPALM Editorial Board from Susan Meheil in regards to their article about "Private Crossings"

First, let's thank the (TCPALM) editorial board for pointing out one of the many life threatening aspects of AAF. But let's clarify the situation...a corporation owns the railroad and in the 1960's they pulled up the 2nd set of tracks - cutting costs.

Now with the widening of the Panama canal, the excess of Natural Gas and Fortress LNG production and all of the other cargo moving on FEC AND the properties of Flagler Real Estate (Fortress) gaining in value with the prospect of AAF passenger stations - the CORPORATIONS want to add back the tracks to add AAF AND make more money off of freight. They want to put 21st century cargo and speed trains on the 100 year old infrastructure. There is a large number of crossings on this "historic" route including many private crossings.

This 'real estate and freight play' for Fortress will make billions - BUT TCPALM believes the American taxpayers should pay for safety upgrades to the private crossings via federal grants. County taxpayers whose towns will be destroyed and threatened with devastation should pay for road renovation and double crossing maintenance fees in perpetuity. This is why WE THE PEOPLE are angry. We see crony friends in Washington and Tallahassee turning their backs on the people of the Treasure Coast so that Fortress companies can make profits AND send pay-to-play money back to them. This is the epitome of the power elites calling the shots.

Fortress puts profits over LIVES.