Publish Date: 
Friday, December 26, 2014 - 1:45pm

By Edward Johnston, Hobe Sound TCPalm
All Aboard Florida may be a wonderful thing for Miami and Orlando but it's at the expense, inconvenience, safety and health of many towns that lie in its path. All Aboard Florida could use central Florida to avoid this situation but they apparently feel the extra expense outweighs the health and safety of the people.

Many families that live near the tracks would be forced out and couldn't sell their property. Lives and homes will be lost when rescue personnel are delayed by the flow of trains passing through. Fishing and pleasure boats will be harmed by the trains . Emissions from traffic jams will increase considerably.

We do not know what effect the trains will have on the economy of these towns, but the lure of our beautiful and quiet neighborhoods and beaches would certainly be gone. This in turn will drive out our fine restaurants and shopping areas due to lost revenue; businesses will close and people will lose their homes due to foreclosures which will further depress our neighborhoods.

The railroad bridges are old and increasing trains will become a structural concern. I was wondering if "eminent domain" could be used somehow as a savior. "The power of eminent domain was created to authorize the government or the condemning authority, called the condemner, to conduct a compulsory sale of property for the common welfare, such as health or safety. Just compensation is required, in order to ease the financial burden incurred by the property owner for the benefit of the public." The above statement sounds like it could apply to our situation and our governing body should look into it, we have so much to lose and nothing to gain. Everyone should call their representatives and complain about All Aboard Florida before we can't live and breathe.