Publish Date: 
Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 5:30pm

VERO BEACH, Fla.-- Governor Rick Scott breaks with the Treasure Coast elected officials' opposition to All Aboard Florida, today announcing his support for the high-speed rail that will eventually add 32 trains to Treasure Coast railways.

We asked Scott what he thought about the high-speed rail line which will not have any stops on the Treasure Coast.

"Yes, it will create jobs and is good for Florida as long as it's run by a private entity,"  Gov. Rick Scott said in Indian River County, where County Commissioners unanimously oppose the project.

"Well, it's a private company. What was important to me is they talk to everybody, make sure everybody knew the issues," Scott said. "I want private companies to take their own money and put it at risk and see if they can make it happen."

Scott's support shocked many Republican supporters in the region, who have vehemently fought having to pay for train crossing upgrades and signals in local cities and counties.

"His job is state transportation. I get that," said Indian River County Commissioner Joe Flescher, "(AAF) is just a bad deal for us. It might work out well for them as far as interstate commerce, but this is about freight.”

“I see the bigger picture and my fellow commissioners see it too.” Flescher said, "It's unfortunate that we can't lean on the Governor for his help on this issue that we believe unfairly puts the burden on our region.

To date, Congressman Patrick Murphy (D) FL-18; candidate Carl Domino (R); state Sen. Joe Negron (R), St. Lucie; Indian River and Martin County Commissioners, as well as the cities of Tequesta and Stuart have voted to publicly oppose the project from coming through the region. They argue it will give the Treasure Coast all of the traffic from the additional trains, and none of the economic benefit.

Scott was in Vero Beach with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, touring IMG Citrus. This is the 35th Republican gubernatorial candidate that Christie is campaigning with.

Scott's message was similar as the attack ads you've seen on TV. Scott slammed Charlie Crist for losing jobs, slamming Crist for allegedly not being pro-education. Scott did take credit for all the jobs that were created here in Florida since the economic recession in 2008.