Publish Date: 
Saturday, September 6, 2014 - 3:45pm

The Boynton Beach City Commission postponed a decision on whether to support All Aboard Florida until it receives more feedback from city residents.

That feedback ought to start with the Boynton Beach residents who plan to ride this train to Orlando.

If these theoretical future passengers exist, they should explain their travel plans to the city commission.

It would make for some interesting public comments at a future meeting.

It might go something like this.

So the wife and I, we kept reading about plans for 32 All Aboard Florida trains zooming through downtown Boynton Beach every day without stopping, and we thought, hey, when this starts, we ought to get in on the fun.

“Let’s take the train to Orlando,” I told her. “I always wanted to visit that airport.”

She says, “So how we gonna do that?”

Simple. There’s no All Aboard Florida stop in Boynton, but there is one in West Palm Beach.

My first idea was that we could drive to that station in our car.

But then we’d have to pay for parking in a city garage, which ends up being as much as the Florida Turnpike tolls to Orlando. So no sense doing that.

And besides, the whole idea of the train is fast and efficient travel without the driving.

So I thought, maybe one of our friends could give us a ride to the Tri-Rail station in Boynton Beach, and then we could catch a Tri-Rail train to West Palm Beach station.

But it turns out, that’s not the same station as the All Aboard Florida station, so if we did this, we’d then have to catch a bus at the Tri-Rail station in West Palm Beach that would take us to the All Aboard Florida station which is blocks away. Or we could walk.

But my wife says if we’re going to drive to a Tri-Rail station, knucklehead, we might as well drive to the Tri-Rail station in Delray Beach, where we can catch the 9:32 a.m. Silver Meteor Amtrak train, which would take us to Orlando for $35 a seat — about half the price of the All Aboard Florida train.

And we’d get there in 3 hours and 51 minutes.

“Yeah,” I said, “but where in Orlando?”

“Downtown Orlando,” she says, “about 2.5 miles closer to Disney World than the All Aboard Florida station, which is at the Orlando International Airport.”

But who wants to go to Disney World? I just want to visit the Orlando airport.

And I’m sure there are lots of others just like me.

You know, get up in the morning with a sudden urge to go for a nice relaxing airport food-court lunch in Orlando, and then make it back to Boynton that night for under $200 in travel costs.

It’s doable thanks to All Aboard Florida.

So I figure we’d take the No. 1 Palm Tran bus from downtown Boynton Beach.

The bus, which travels north on U.S. 1, stops at Boynton Beach Boulevard at 8:55 a.m. on weekdays. If we catch that bus, we can make it to the downtown West Palm Beach stop by 9:35 a.m. and then hoof it to the All Aboard Florida train station from there.

If we time it just right, we won’t have to wait in the All Aboard Florida station for an hour, and we can get to the train stop at the Orlando International Airport in time for a late lunch.

I suppose we could rent a car at the airport and explore, but we’ve already spent enough money, and if I was going to drive a car in Orlando, I would have taken my own, and would have been there hours ago.

So after we watch a few takeoffs and landings, we catch the next train back to Boynton Beach, well, West Palm Beach. If we play it right, we can make it back home before the Palm Tran bus service ends for the night.

This is a full day of fun made possible by this great new train service.

So please don’t disappoint me. And consider not only me, but all the many other residents of Boynton Beach who are just like me, and how much you’d disappoint us if you didn’t support All Aboard Florida.