Email to Ask For Support of Senate Bill 386

Tomorrow, March 14, at 2 pm the Florida Senates Transportation Committee will hear the High Speed Rail Transportation bill co-sponsored by FL Senator Debbie Mayfield and FL Senator George Gainer.  We need to thank FL Sen. Gainer for co-sponsoring the bill with Debbie and all of his hard work on behalf of the citizens of Florida.
Senator George Gainer  850-487-5002;  or email with the form below: Then it would be excellent if you could call the members of the Transportation Committee and if you don’t get through, email them, with your positive support for the bill. 

Please contact them by selecting one of the pre-written letters to send under your name.

Fighting non-stop to stop All Aboard Florida
Citizens Against The Train 

Your email will be sent to the Transportation Committee as well:

Senator Darryl Rouson  850-487-5019
Senator Dennis Baxley 850-487-5012
Senator Dorothy Hukill 850-487-5014
Senator Kevin Rader 850-487-5029
Senator George Gainer 850-487-5002