Crist says Scott top official’s involvement with All Aboard should be investigated

Publish Date: 
Sunday, July 20, 2014 - 9:00am

By Isadora Rangel at Political Fix Florida

Former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist used All Aboard Florida to take jabs at Gov. Rick Scott, calling for an investigation into the involvement of a top administration official with the railroad.

Crist told reporters on Friday the project “doesn’t smell right,” but he hasn’t decided whether he opposes it.

“I have questions about the process and how (the trains) came about,” said Crist, "I think there ought to be a full investigation of what’s happened with that. You’re talking about an awful lot of money by some people that have a great interest to have this done.

Says Christ on his website

" For years now, we’ve been asking why on Earth Rick Scott would turn down $2.4 billion in high-speed rail. Finally, we’re starting to get answers.

Scott said no to high-speed rail in order to cut out competition for a private company with strong ties to his chief of staff, Adam Hollingsworth.

Scott’s showing his true colors once again. He put special interests and personal connections above real Floridians. Scott has got to go.

This story is disgusting, but not surprising:

Adam Hollingsworth was an advisor on the Scott transition team in 2010. He pushed Scott to turn down the infrastructure investment.

Then Hollingsworth took a job outside the administration and immediately began lobbying Scott to move forward with All Aboard Florida, the intercity transit system his company had connections with.

Scott said yes, and now All Aboard Florida is receiving millions in Florida taxpayer dollars. Hollingsworth later rejoined the Scott government.

And there you have it. When you’re sitting in traffic on I-4, you know who to blame."