Publish Date: 
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 10:30am

Letter to the TCPalm from Jim Henry, Boca Raton

There is now sufficient data and analysis to make an informed decision about All Aboard Florida. AAF’s analyses stretch the definition of “facts.”

I am supposed to believe that the West Palm Beach station will have exactly 1,839 and 1,987 people board and get off daily. Ridiculous precision and a sure sign of sloppy technical analysis.

That followed a press release that said there would be only minimal impact on homes near the tracks, omitting any comments about the far larger number who will be subject to traffic delays. And that story was after admitting the $1.5 billion federal loan was an integral part of the plan, not really a privately funded project. Sorry, but when I went to school 1.5 was much more than half of 2.5, the projected cost of AAF. That makes it a public/private (in that order) project.

You can be sure that taxpayers will also get to pay for all the future subsidies provided by the state. And we will then be saddled with paying for safety improvements after the increase in crossing deaths. Make no mistake, there will be additional deaths.

Meanwhile AAF executives will continue to enjoy their generous perks for a very high-risk project. Even the ill-fated Solyndra project had far less risk. Worst of all, it is obvious that the project has the support of our elected officials, regardless of party affiliation. To that end, I will simply not vote for any candidate on my ballot in this and subsequent years who supports AAF. Any candidate who does not state his or her position also will not get my vote. I can think of no other way to try to derail this project. I suggest other voters do the same.