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Monday, April 27, 2020 - 9:00am

IF YOU CAN'T CONVINCE THE PUBLIC YOU'VE GOT A GOOD IDEA, convince the politicians and let them ram it down the citizens' throats. All it takes is money.

What's $3 Million Among Friends?
According to the TC Palm/Stuart News, as little as $3 million may be all that's necessary. That's how much AAF has spent on lobbyists in Tallahassee since 2011. But, they still need some 17 permits before they can move forward. So, the budget may have to go up.

And, What About The Bonds?
All Aboard Florida has another year to sell its Private Activity Bonds. But, the clock is ticking and the bond market is still in flux. Now AAF is apparently pushing for a Federal loan again just in case. This is called hedging your bets. Or, maybe any port in a storm.

Where's the ROD?
Another missing piece in this puzzle is the Record of Decision. Until that comes out the Final Environmental Impact Statement isn't "final". Of course, the study came out nine months ago and still no ROD. Maybe that's because nobody can legally challenge the findings in the study until the official ROD is released.

Is the Deal Done?
Doesn't sound like it. AAF is 17 permits short. The money they need is not in sight. The Record of Decision is yet to appear. And, the start date of 2017 is only nine months away. But, there's still time for All Aboard Florida to buy their railroad.

Read about the TC Palm/Stuart News investigation, "In need of 17 permits to make the $3 billion project a reality, All Aboard Florida is lining pockets of lobbyists, lawmakers" by following the link below.

What is it they say, "money talks"?

Read the investigation into AAF spending here.

Original article written by George Andreassi of the TC Palm.