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Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 8:30am

A proposal for digging a trench under the railroad tracks at Monterey Road and building an overpass over the tracks at Indian Street in Martin County would make those crossings safer for traffic but would come with hefty price tags.

This is only part of a $160 million package of railroad crossing upgrades sought by county officials.

"I think this grade separation on Indian Street is already too costly," committee member Joe Capra said. "The one on Monterey is going to be a nightmare for this community."

Consultant Jefferey Weidner, vice president of Marlin Engineering, said an overpass on Indian Street (just west of the Old Dixie Highway intersection) would make the railroad crossing safer for vehicles and improve access for emergency services - at a cost of $83.6 million.

Weidner commented that although Indian Street and Monterey Road would restrict or close road access to many homes and businesses, they would curb crashes by 40 percent over the next 30 years.

Capra begs to differ, insisting that despite the benefits, the loss of access would be a disservice to the community and businesses in the area.

These two among four proposals have been discussed by MPO Citizens Advisory Commitee this Wednesday. The MPO will weigh-in during a meeting on June 19.

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Original article was written by Andrew Atterbury of the TC Palm.